10 Songs for Seat 7B

23 Jun

Telluride Bluegrass Festival 2008 | A Cranial Sacral Costume Maker

I’m not much for talking to strangers on planes. Elizabeth was an exception. En route from Denver to Montrose, we got into a conversation about nervous flight attendants, bicycles, flaming bicycles, puppets, huge puppets, huge puppets on bicycles, huge puppets on flaming bicycles, and funk music. I handed her my ipod to help me pick some songs for an upcoming DJ gig. Here are ten of them…

Make it Reggae
Shark Wilson & The Basements

Guns in the Ghetto
Morgan Heritage & The Bounty Killer

Go Shopping
Bran Van 3000

Honor and Harmony
G Love & The Special Sauce

Sexy Coffee Pot
Tony Alvon & The Belairs

Main Man

Give It To Me Baby*
Rick James

Loaf and Jug
Diplomats of Solid Sound

I Turn You On
Latin Breed

Getting Uptown (To Get Down)
United 8

*This song has appeared on this blog before, as well as on more than one mix for my friend Emily. It’s kind of my funk “ace in the hole.”


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