Whole Lotta MP3s

15 Jul

Party Ben

Mashups are best one at a time and this one will satisfy of your mashup needs for a long time.(mp3)

King Curtis

I’ve always thought that the best MP3 blogs inspire you to go out and buy the whole album. Do yourself a favor, go out and buy King Curtis and Aretha Franklin at the Fillmore. Now. (mp3)

Sam Bush Band

Where do I start on this one? Well, you already know this mp3 will include “A Whole Lotta Love” which kinda ruins the surprise. That those of us at the 2008 Telluride Bluegrass Festival didn’t have a clue. I still get chills listening to it.(mp3)

Ben Harper

I have a love/hate relationship with Ben Harper’s version. (mp3)

Led Zeppelin – 1970

A relatively short (6:23) version from Zeppelin playing in 1970, a year after the song was introduced on their second album. Robert Plant leads the Royal Albert Hall in a brief call and response before launching into a thunderous closing.(mp3)

Dread Zeppelin

I don’t care what you say, I like Dread Zeppelin.(mp3)

Led Zeppelin – 1971

Zeppelin begins to stretch the song out here in 1971 at the Paris Theater in London, recorded in front of only 400 for John Peel’s “In Concert” show for Radio One. They veer off into Let that Boy Boogie, Fixin’ to Die Blues, That’s Alright Mama, For What It’s Worth, Mess of Blues, and Honey Bee before returning to Whole Lotta Love.(mp3)

The Bobs

You’d think that suffering through four years of listening to self satisfied guys singing in unison at a preppy East Coast university would turn me off to a cappella altogether. Well, it did. Except, of course, for San Francisco’s own, The Bobs. They pretty much rock.(mp3)

Led Zeppelin – 1973

22 minutes of a Whole Lotta Love at Southampton University in 1973. The now obligatory medley includes Everybody Needs Someone To Love, Let That Boy Boogie, and You’re So Square and even I Can’t Quit You Baby.

An Extra Special Bonus

If you’ve gotten this far, you must really love “Whole Lotta Love.” Well, your love is about to be tested. If you can make it through this version of the song I will surely buy you a beer.(mp3)


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