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¡Mosh pit!

6 Apr


From the Ritz to the Rubble – Artic Monkeys

Cousins – Vampire Weekend

Vamos – The Pixies

Fucking Rhythm and Sorrow – Sugarcubes

Institutionalized – Suicidal Tendencies

Rise Above – Black Flag

Coup d’Etat – Circle Jerks

Too Drunk Too Fuck – Dead Kennedys

White Riot – The Clash

Party at Ground Zero – Fishbone


My Misspent Youth

17 Jan

One of the first albums I ever owned was the Dead Kennedy’s “Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables.” I bought it on an 8th grade school trip to London, not realizing that they were a California-based band. In high school, I danced in the mosh-pit at a Circle Jerks show and banged my head at a Ramones concert, minutes after finishing my SATs. I wasn’t a punk, quite far from it (see fig. a, above). I just listened to punk. I hope you will too.

Blitzkerig Bop – The Ramones
Fuck Me Dead – Forgotten Rebels These Are People Who Died – Jim Carroll Drugs and Kittens – Mighty Mighty Bosstones Too Drunk to Fuck – Dead Kennedys
I Saw Your Mommy and Your Mommy’s Dead – Suicidal Tendencies
Nutrition – Dead Milkmen When the Shit Hits the Fan – Circle Jerks TV Party – Black Flag Ugly – Fishbone