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14 Jan

Of all the movies based on songs (Sgt. Peppers, Pretty Woman, Blue Velvet, Stand By Me, etc.), Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is by far my favorite. I first heard the song, not in the movie, but on one my dad’s Herbie Mann LPs. Here are ten of my favorites, including two from the movie, one doo wop version, a couple jazz versions, one bluegrass, one crooner, and one from the Three Tenors.

Michael Karmen – Brazil Motion Picture Soundtrack The Coasters Chick Corea Bela Fleck and Chick Corea Grant Green
Herbie Mann Frank Sinatra Geoff Muldaur – Brazil Motion Picture Soundtrack Asylum Street Spankers José Carreras/Luciano Pavarotti/Plácido Domingo Cornelius